- Art by Judy Schmidt

Dwarf Galaxy KUG 0743+513 (2014)

I have been a little depressed for the past couple of days. I searched and searched but couldn’t find something I wanted to process. Today I found this nice dwarf and it was a quick and straightforward process to boot. Wideband near infrared, red, and blue filters make the galaxy appear nicely balanced in color but the clouds of normally red Halpha are green here to accommodate near infrared in the red channel.

This galaxy was imaged for Ultra-Luminous x-Ray Sources in the Most Metal-Poor Galaxies (Proposal 12018)

Red: hst_12018_20_wfc3_uvis_f814w_sci
Green: hst_12018_20_wfc3_uvis_f606w_sci
Blue: hst_12018_20_wfc3_uvis_f438w_sci

North is up.

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