Creole Book Cover (2005)

I somehow managed to forget all about this image in the mess that was the transition between late 2004 and early 2005 between switching jobs and other things.

Oh well, here it is now! The (not so) long lost art piece. I have to applaud any artists who paint food often. It’s really hard! Plates are hard too.

This is supposed to be a book cover for some old creole cookbook that we were working on republishing. In fact I had to work on the inside of the book as well… basically it involved painstakingly copying each page of the original book word for word into a digital copy, making sure each line ended at the same place as it did in the original and that there were no typos or other weird things. There were music sheets inside the book that I had to remake too. But that’s another story. I wonder if it was ever or ever will be published?