About This Website

This place is full of art by Judy Schmidt. That'd be me. I'm glad you stopped by but there's not much to know about the website itself so you should probably look at the art instead.

The background of this website was created with the help of Stellarium, one of my favorite open source projects. If you know where to look, you might find a teapot.

What is a "Geckzilla"? Simply an amalgamation of the words "gecko" and "godzilla" into one. I've always been a fan of animals and when I was young my friend and her family even called me "animal girl" since I always took the time to stop and study them. In particular, reptiles and amphibians are among my favorites. Of those, geckos are my absolute favorite. I needed a nickname to go by when I began using the Internet and "gecko" was my first choice. Later on, it became apparent that I needed a more unusual nickname to go by since gecko was usually already taken. Someone once referred to me as "geckzilla" and the name has stuck ever since.