- Art by Judy Schmidt

MCG+01-02-015 (2012)

One of the designations given to this galaxy is MCG+01-02-015. Galaxies like this one are in a few different catalogs, all of which are obscure unless you happen to be an astronomer who works with those particular catalogs. Catalogs you may have actually heard of include Messier’s “list of things that are not comets” which contains 103 objects and the New General Catalog which contains over 7000. The fainter, smaller blobs are too numerous to even receive as little recognition as this one, unless they happen to be very special in some way.

Both this and my previous submission were part of a study on galaxies in voids.

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Hubble data is public domain. I do, however, request that you credit me for the processing of the image if you use it.

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