- Art by Judy Schmidt

NGC 4639 (2014)

Surprisingly, only a WFPC2 version of this galaxy is featured on the Hubble sites. This is a combination of WFC3 and ACS data. It’s not quite as deep as the WFPC2 observations but it’s still a lovely set of data.

Red: hst_11570_23_wfc3_uvis_f814w_sci
Green: hst_11570_23_wfc3_uvis_f350lp_sci
Blue: HST_10802_86_ACS_WFC_F555W_sci

Various other data was (were?) used to fill in the chip gap. I did something strange this time, too. I rotated the diffraction spikes for the blue channel so that they would match with the other two channels. There were only three stars this time so it wasn’t a big deal to do. I don’t know about other people but one of the more obscure things which please me are the subtle, rainbow-like spectrums visible in some diffraction spikes.

North is NOT up. It is 58° clockwise from up.

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