About Me and My Website

There is nothing more pleasing to me than to study and unravel the Universe — from the tiniest bits of matter and microbes to the vast and distant cosmos.

I was born in San Diego, California and spent my formative years in rural towns of California and Oklahoma. I lived for ten years in Queens county, New York. I learned a lot about different cultures and food there, but I do not miss the big city. It was too loud, and too crowded. People think of country roads as being dirty because they're made of dirt, but the dust of the Earth is far preferable to the grime and oil of constant automobile traffic. I currently reside in Modesto, California.

My work currently focuses on astronomical imagery. I earned an undergraduate degree in 2004 from OSUIT in Multimedia which is both completely unrelated to astronomy and wonderfully useful for this purpose and a broad spectrum of applications. No matter what you do or where you go, images are there. The fundamentals of design, color theory, and even typography have all been my steadfast companions, for better or worse.

The background of this website was created with the help of Stellarium, one of my favorite open source projects.

What is a "Geckzilla"? Simply an amalgamation of the words "gecko" and "godzilla" into one. I've always loved critters and when I was young my friend and her family even called me "animal girl" since I always took the time to stop and study them. In particular, reptiles and amphibians are among my favorites, and I especially like geckos with their sticky toes, round eyes, and often nocturnal tendencies. I needed a nickname to go by when I began using the Internet and "gecko" was my first choice. Later on, it became apparent that I needed a more unusual nickname to go by since gecko was usually already taken. Someone once referred to me as "geckzilla" and the name has stuck ever since.

I have a Twitter account. Note my username there is SpaceGeck rather than Geckzilla. Despite my efforts, someone else out there got the name before I did.

You may find my most recent work at my Flickr gallery.

Latest revision: 2019 Sep 05