I stopped updating this gallery a while ago, but one day I may do so again, if it ever seems like social media websites such as Flickr and Twitter become unusable or unreliable. A lot of the illustrations and little projects in here are old, and some of them are even old enough that they are not very good quality by today's standards. Some things are silly or stupid. That's ok. I am sometimes a silly, stupid person, even though I try not to be. Many works from the digital paintings and sketches categories are only found here, but almost all of my newer work is at my Flickr gallery.

Hubble Processing

This work is very different from my other categories. These are images captured by Hubble and processed by me. The data is available in the HLA for the public to use as they wish. Much of the data has only been viewed by a few scientists and left in its scientific state. It takes a lot of time and special technique to process it for aesthetic purposes.

Cassini Processing

From the Cassini Solstice Mission. Images captured by an astonishing little probe locked in a perpetual dance with Saturn and its myriad of natural satellites until mission end, when it will plunge into the gas giant’s crushing depths. Every time it swoops by one of the moons or looks at Saturn we get pictures on top of all of the science to enjoy.

Digital Painting

These are works I consider to be more finished and refined. Sometimes many hours go into them. My best work is here but forgive the older ones. I learn every day.


Smaller, less refined, sometimes sloppy or downright ugly pictures go here. Even some more refined work goes here if I don’t think it’s very good.


These things don’t fit anywhere else.


Animated things or actionscript experiments go here.