Hazy Titan (2014)

Left side: Titan in natural colors with wideband Red, Green, Blue, and UV filters in their respective channels with Blue and UV sharing the blue channel.

Right side: Using narrowband data to peek through Titan’s haze. Red is infrared and green and blue are two methane bands (MT1 and MT2, respectively). I also applied the infrared data as luminosity to further enhance the visibility of Titan’s surface features.

Compositional inspiration for side-by-side views came from Val Klavans’s wonderful work.

These data were acquired by Cassini on 2013 January 05.

Red: RED 650W
Green: GRN 568W
Blue: BL1 451W + UV3 338W

Red: CB3 938N
Green: MT2 727N
Blue: MT1 619N

START_TIME >= 2013-01-05 04:17:54.0
START_TIME <= 2013-01-05 04:27:28.0
Instrument = ISS