Rheem Logo Vectorization (2005)

The story behind this is that Rheem needed the 3D vector logo to end all other logos. For a while it seems they’d had something close, like an Illustrator file with some layer effects on it. Due to the way Illustrator’s layer effects function, this was problematic. Somehow word got around that I could make it truly vector and I ended up making 2 whole work days disappear into the reworking of this thing.

On the left is the 3D logo prior to vectorization. On the right is the vector version (rasterized for this gallery of course). There are some subtle differences which were requested. Otherwise, the gradations and shadow effects were duplicated precisely.

Click here to view the logo in its true vector state, a measly 473Kb PDF document.

The Rheem logo is copyright © to Rheem Manufacturing Company. I had no part in its design. In fact, it’s older than I am. I put this in here simply to demonstrate my skill and the possibilities of vector design.