Hubble Processing

This work is very different from my other categories. These are images captured by Hubble and processed by me. The data is available in the HLA for the public to use as they wish. Much of the data has only been viewed by a few scientists and left in its scientific state. It takes a lot of time and special technique to process it for aesthetic purposes.

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NGC 1569: Realm of StarburstSuper Clusters in NGC 1569Lonely LenticularCosmic SmudgeMACS J0717 (Epoch 2)NGC 4889UGC 3351NGC 4278 & 4283UGC 4879 (Saturated)UGC 4879Stars in SagittariusESO 185-13SDSS J1143-0144Abell 370Abell 370 (Saturated)MACS 1149 Parallel FieldMACS 1149NGC 3314UGC 7342IRAS 14348-1447Hubble's Pillars of Creation 2014Virgo Spiral


IRAS 18293-3413NGC 6496MACS J0717.5+3745 (Epoch 1)M77 H-alphaMessier 77IRAS 16399-0937NGC 6814Humason 2-1I Zwicky 18I Zwicky 18 Deep FieldResolution DreamingGalaxy on FireTS 01: The Case of the Oxygen-Poor PNProximaNGC 4449NGC 5308 StructureNGC 5308IRAS 12175-5338Hubble's Bubble NebulaNGC 4394Variable Stars of TaurusGalaxies in HydraNGC 1783NGC 3818NGC 45Leo ANGC 3516NGC 339Young Gods of Trumpler 14100 Planetary NebulasDrifting Under the KeelYoung Stars in CarinaESO 57-75NGC 4111Abell 2744 Parallel Field 1Abell 2744 Epoch1+Epoch2Abell 2744 Epoch 2UGC 11651UGC 11131UGC 6138UGC 3587UGC 477UGC 3459UGC 685UGC 4459IC 4247NGC 5238LkHA 263CIRAS 12196-6300WR 31aIRAS 05395+3055IRAS 20193+3448IRAS 00044+6521Hen 2-437IRAS 00535+6532Just Hubble's N132DN132D X-Ray and Optical CompositeWR 124 (Again!)Lagoon CocoonDusty LagoonESO 115-021Extreme NGC 3125Supernova Remnant N49 with X-RaysUltra-Luminous X-Ray Source in NGC 5408Vela PulsarAndromeda's Extended ClustersQuasar J1507+3129Massive Galaxy NGC 5322Double Radio Spiral in EridanusZwCl 7160Abell 1413Cone NebulaNGC 4593NGC 3945NGC 5408NGC 2419 - Intergalactic WandererGravityscapeNGC 6814Atoms for Peace GalaxyDwarf Galaxy KUG 0743+513NGC 1374 & NGC 1375NGC 5972SDSSJ225506.80+005839.9NGC 3741LDN 1641N Star ClusterUGC 8508NGC 7385HH 34GGD 7 IR Stellar GroupHH 24 in InfraredHH 24 and Molecular CloudNGC 5793NGC 4639Supernova Remnant N132DNGC 24ESO 137-2ESO 137-1Stephan's QuintetNGC 1487UGC 5889NGC 4881Terzan 1NGC 6052NGC 3597 CoreNGC 3597Aberrated M100M100


NGC 604 CoreNGC 604M8299 Planetary NebulasIRAS 17423-1755Eagle (M16)Hubble 12JaFu 1M1-42NGC 2818An Intimate Look at an Obscure DwarfIRAS 19024+0044Hen 3-1333IC 289IRAS 20068+4051IRAS 22036+5306IRAS 13208-6020Water Lily NebulaGomez's HamburgerNGC 2346Frosty LeoInteresting Bits in Abell 2744Abell 2744 Now With More InfraredAbell 2744Abell 2744 Frontier Fields Parallel ObservationNova Remnant Around V347 NorNecklace NebulaH 2-1Vy 2-3Pease 1Hen 2-182Hen 1-1Jonckheere 320M 2-40Seyfert's SextetNGC 3433Variable Stars V633 & V376 CasRR Lyrae Stars in M3M 1-30Reflection Nebula Around V1331 CygNGC 6302M 1-65IC 4191NGC 5694M 1-61M 1-59IC 2448Hen 2-161M 1-12Central Disc of NGC 383PN K 3-67M 1-46VY Canis Majoris Ejecta ShellWestbrook NebulaN49: A Supernova Remnant in the LMCIC 4663IC 1454NGC 7354NGC 7026NGC 6886IC 4634NGC 6326NGC6741 Boomerang NebulaCalabash NebulaNGC 6751NGC 6565Egg NebulaJonckheere 900PN Mz 3 Cotton Candy NebulaComet Hyakutake 1996Comet Kopff 1996M1-92 NGC 2392 NGC 6891NGC 3132 NGC 5982NGC 2440NGC 2371NGC 3918 NGC 6884NGC 3195HD44179 NGC 2452NGC 5189IC 4637IC418 NGC 7662 NGC 6720 IC 4593NGC 6309NGC 6578NGC 2022NGC 6629Hen 2-131NGC 2792IC 3568 NGC 2867MyCn18 IC 4406 NGC 5315NGC 5307NGC 5882IC 2006IC 51NGC 3610NGC 3923NGC 2865PGC 42871NGC 6543 Me 2-1NGC 6210 "Turtle in Space"Campbell's StarNGC 6537 "Red Spider"M2-9 Hubble 5 "Hubble Double Bubble"NGC 6153M1-67 & WR124MZ2NGC 1501NGC 5979NGC 6818 NGC 7009 NGC 3242 NGC 6369 NGC 6826 Interacting Galaxies with an OnlookerTransforming Galaxy RedoNGC 1999HD94910NGC 7027HH 909A RedoThe Other Hubble Ultra Deep FieldNGC 1140 With and Without HαTransforming GalaxyM100 aka NGC4321


Variable Star DI ChaPGC 10922 RedoNGC3607NGC 2903NGC 7713NGC 4526Starburst GalaxyCompact Dwarf Galaxy SBS1415+437N11VCC 654Abell 2199 / NGC 6166NGC 3455NGC 4435Interacting Galaxies NGC 3227 & 3226 (Arp 94)NGC 4528ESO 499-37MCG+01-02-015Mrk 820Super Star Cluster M82-FNGC 2768MACSJ0152.5-2852PGC 6240NGC 2023 HH 30XZ TauriActive Galaxy NGC 1068NGC 7217Ring of FireA Leg of the Tarantula NebulaThe Shells of PGC 10922NGC 2146IC 356NGC 6946NGC 5005Mrk 1034 Galaxy PairTadpoleHH 909AExamining AndromedaModern Art by HubbleNGC 1380NGC 4485Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular GalaxyNGC 3077 PhoenixNGC 2985NGC 524RNO 91NGC 6872IRAS23436+5257A Green CrossNGC 1501Lindsay 38Anonymous SpiralNGC 5793Happy Gravity Lens

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