M1-92 "Minkowski's Footprint" (2013)

This one is pretty cool. It’s easily described as looking like two onions. I wish we could see it a bit more closely. Minkowski’s Butterfly, for example, is somewhat similar and I wonder if those detailed wrinkly cloud structures are also present in this one or if it is just as smooth as it appears here. The darkening of the lower lobe is interesting and implies that perhaps there is a layer of dust slightly obscuring it. Could it be something else?

This view is zoomed in 150% from actual pixels.

Red: hst_06533_01_wfpc2_f656n_pc_sci + hst_06533_01_wfpc2_f673n_pc_sci
Green: hst_06533_01_wfpc2_f631n_pc_sci
Blue: hst_06533_01_wfpc2_f547m_pc_sci + hst_06533_01_wfpc2_f502n_pc_sci

North is up

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