LDN 1641N Star Cluster (2014)

Here’s another image from the extensive survey of protostars in Orion A. There are some interesting dynamics going on here and a number of stars shining on structures to provide insight into the three dimensional nature of the nebula. It’s sometimes hard to get out of flatland when viewing these. I’ve put a few things of interest in some of the notes. Of particular interest is the butterfly-shaped flow in the lower-left quadrant. Make sure you hover the central star on that. There’s more there but I’m about to fall asleep at my computer as I write this.

All channels: WFC3 IR F160W

North is NOT up. It is 26.3° counter-clockwise from up.

Copyright information:
Hubble data is public domain, but I put a lot of work into combining it into beautiful color images. The minimal credit line should read: NASA / ESA / J. Schmidt

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